Group Rules & Guidelines

1. There should be no need for this rule, as it is obvious and assumed, BUT... you must comply with all the rules of the LinkedIn User Agreement and the official group's site User Agreement. In particular, your profile should be completed in a truthful, non-deceptive manner. Likewise, fields must be used for their intended data. For example, last name fields should not be used to show phone numbers, and your personal picture should not be used to show a logo, caricature or anything else other than your face. If in doubt, please leave fields empty. Try to accept only people you know personally into your network, as accepting them is a form of online vouching for them.

2. Do not post blatantly self- or business-promoting marketing messages. This group is not to become any company's or individual's marketing machinery. Please look over the sub-groups, such as the marketing sub-group, where the posting rules are more liberal.

3. Do not post material that simply steers members away from this group and into other LinkedIn groups or external websites, blogs, webinars, etc. Instead, start a discussion thread and offer something of value to the group, such as worthwhile information or tips, and then, in passing, as a sort of after thought and when you've explained what can be expected and found, you may type a link to external resources. The idea is to promote discussion and fellowship within the group.

4. Posting the same message in other sub-groups is defenitely not encouraged and generally not allowed.

5. Help police the group content by flagging any messages that you find offensive or disruptive in any way. Even better, please email the group owner with a copy of such messages, the name of the poster and a brief "new rule" not covered here that you feel will help increase the quality and level of professionalism in this group.

6. This group is not to be used for official purposes or pronouncements by elected officials, individuals or members of any organizations, companies, businesses, etc. Please refer to those groups' official websites for official messages.

7. Please write carefully. If in doubt, don't include it or post it in a sub-group. Please try to abstain from writing negative posts. Please focus on the positive as much as possible. Ad Hominem attacks aren't allowed, and neither is fallacious thinking such as Argumentum Ad Populum, Argumentum Ad Vericumdian, etc. If you see a post that fails to comply, please reply and explain. Use humor and ridiculous extreme examples to shed light on incorrect or faulty reasoning. Do not blast or unduly criticize Autodesk or any other company. Likewise, do not blatantly become a marketing trumpet for Autodesk or any other company. In general, try to share more facts and less opinions.

8. Please volunteer to help in an official capacity, or do it casually by participating actively and helping flag material that should be removed.

9. Be generous and helpful to others. Share your knowledge and expertise. If you like the group, let your best friends and colleagues know about it and invite them to join.

10. Please send suggestions on how to make the group better in general, and these rules in particular. Please also follow the group at!/aCADcommunity and


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